Easton, CT. Senior Center
         How to Donate
An ENDOWMENT is like a savings account. A portion of the interest generated on the principal provides a permanent source of funds for a particular purpose as determined by the donor. The remainder of the interest is reinvested in the endowment. Since an endowment’s principal is never spent, these funds create financial stability, allowing the Senior Center to be less dependent on unpredictable sources of funding such as  municipal  budgets support. These endowment funds will Be professionally managed.

You may create a NAMED ENDOWMENT FUND. This allows the donor the opportunity to associate the name of a family or individual with a project or program of enduring worth.

Additionally, a donor can choose to support a specific area or to give an unrestricted gift. An UNRESTRICTED GIFT is one where the money will be used in areas of greatest need as determined by the BOARD. Unrestricted gifts provide a pool of funds that are NOT RESTRICTED to specific programs uses.

RESTRICTED GIFTS are earmarked for a specific purpose, such as provision of holiday meals to shut-ins. Although both types of gift are important   unrestricted gifts are of vital importance because they allow the Board to provide funding for those areas of greatest  current need.

The Many Forms of Legacy Gifts
I  would like to ask you to consider helping the ESCC, Inc. through your long-range financial plans. You may make a gift during your  lifetime or may leave a gift through your estate plan. I am sure that you already know that bequests can be left through wills. Other options include naming the ESCC, INC. as beneficiary of a life insurance policy or designating the EASTON SENIOR CITIZEN’S CENTER, INC. as a beneficiary of retirement accounts, bank certificates of deposit and bank money market funds—some credit unions will also do this. You can also leave gifts of personal property such as books, artwork, or equipment. You may leave gifts of real estate through a transfer of residential, commercial or undeveloped real estate.

All gifts will be administered in strict accordance with the donor’s wishes and will be deposited directly into an existing or newly created fund set up to benefit the purposes designated by the donor. Details of the expenditures and disbursements are kept by the Board’s Treasurer. The ESCC will make available a summary of specific information about revenue, expenditures and operating costs . Further, the ESCC will issue an individual report , on request,, to any donor, this through the ESCC’s annual tax return and IRS FORM 990. ESCC will also provide details of fundraising, management and other revenue and expenses.

Please note the establishment of endowments or legacy gifts are received as a source of funds in addition to and separate from donations made throughout the year that help keep the Senior Center running on an everyday basis..

The ESCC believes that a strong ENDOWMENT is critical to supporting the Senior Center. Support from public sources including the town is not enough. Private gifts are needed for the Senior Center to realize its goals. Accordingly, the ESCC goal is to raise contributions from individual donors, private organizations, companies and philanthropic foundations and to skillfully invest both unrestricted and restricted gifts made to the endowment in order to generate reliable income to support the Senior Center. Through the exercise of its fiduciary responsibility the ESCC gives donors the confidence that their gifts will be handled in accordance with their wishes. In fact, these funds CANNOT be appropriated for any other purposes.
Please include the following information when making the EASTON SENIOR CITIZEN’S CENTER, INC. a beneficiary of any planned gift:

Full Legal Name:

Easton Senior Citizen’s Center, Inc.

Walter Eastwood, Treasurer

650 Morehouse Rd.

Easton, CT 06612

203 268-1145

Federal Tax Identification Number:



Many companies offer their own programs that match charitable gifts made by employees.

The size of the gift you wish to make is entirely up to you. Each and every contribution is important to us and is gratefully accepted.

All gifts are recognized with an acknowledgement …

ALL GIFTS ARE TAX DEDUCTIBLE to the full extent allowed by the law. Please note: No goods or services are given in exchange.
                     How can I Donate to the Easton Senior Center ?

The Easton Senior Center is supported by the Town of Easton Budget but all programs are paid for by donations and grants. This relieves the tax burden on the very strong seniors we are trying to assist. There are so many ways to help the Center.
All donations are tax deductible

1. Checks can be made payable to the Easton Senior Citizen's Center Inc.
2. Support our tag sales, auctions and fairs.
3. Celebrate birthdays and special occasions with a donation to the Center.
4. Arrange for an "in lieu of" donation instead of flowers if a loved one passes.
    (We will send cards of acknowledgements to families)
5. Donate to our monthly mailings and have family names acknowledged on our monthly newsletter.
6. Arrange for the Center to be a beneficiary in your will and ask about our endowment plan.
Call 203-268-1145
7. Donate any of the following items listed below: Every little donation really helps!

Postage stamps
Large mailing envelopes
Business envelopes
Blank greeting cards
Dry erase markers
Wrapped candy
Non-perishable food for food closet
Jigsaw puzzles
Paper towels
Cleaning products
New or almost new clothing for all ages
Seasonal coats or jackets
Sheets, pillow cases, towels
New or nearly new toys or games
Playing cards
10" or larger baskets with handles
Hard cover, large print, or paperback books (copyright within past 5 years)
Yarn for knitters
Books on tape or CD
New or gently used medical equipment
Computer Paper
CD-R or CD-RW discs
Floppy discs
The Easton Senior Citizen’s Center, Inc. (hereinafter “ESCC) is dedicated to serving the Easton Senior Center and through it, all members of the Easton  Community. A private tax exempt 501(c) (3) non-stock corporation, it operates exclusively to promote and support the Easton Senior Center. Founded in 1976, the corporation coordinates financial resources from private gifts and public grants for the benefit of
the Easton Senior Center’s programs and facility. The ESCC augments the Center’s budget with resources that enrich the cultural, educational and social programs of the Center in areas beyond the responsibility and capability of the local municipal government.

What is an Endowment?